The Japanese Twitterverse has been sharing some handy tricks for rescuing our feline friends in times of emergency.

What to do when you’re walking down the street and you hear the sudden meowing of stray cat?

It’s probably a good idea to contact the appropriate animal authorities regardless, but in certain times of emergency, it may be faster for you to initially deal with the situation by yourself as long as the animal has no outward signs of injury. In fact, the Japanese Twitterverse has recently been spreading a simple idea to make rescuing the animal in such a situation easier: When rescuing a cat, use a large mesh washing bag. There’s less chance of it escaping, and many cats feel safer inside.

Interestingly, one of the first groups to tweet this trivia was V系×どうぶつ愛護 VISUMAL, a visual kei band whose mission focuses on spreading awareness of animal rights issues and rescue efforts:

We never expected to see the combination of visual kei and cute little kittens, but it’s pretty awesome.


The band’s official website even gives suggestions on what to do in case you find abandoned puppies or kittens, and provides information about how to adopt rescue animals.


▼ Some of the band’s “graduates” (i.e., adopted rescue animals)


Several other Japanese Twitter users also voiced their love of the mesh washing bag, as seen in the following posts:

▼ @satuma_h also advises uses washing bags in times of emergency or as a general place for your own kitties to curl up on, as the bags smell like you/your clothes, something familiar and relaxing to them.

▼ Responders to natural disasters have even used this trick, with stellar results.

On a related note, another Twitter user suggests gripping your cat under its armpits and swaying it gently back and forth during earthquakes so that it mistakes the ground shaking for your swinging, therefore calming it down.

What other handy tricks have you learned over the years? Share with your fellow animal lovers in the comments section below!

Source: Twitter/@n_visumal
Top image: Twitter/@n_visumal