Cat lovers rejoice — new cat-themed loungewear lets you release your inner kitty

You can stay warm and look like a cute kitten? It’s a win-win!

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Keio University professor embodies Cool Japan by cosplaying his way through lectures【Pics】

One university professor in Tokyo is redefining what it means to teach with style.

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What happens when you walk into a Tokyo Starbucks dressed as a giant teddy bear? 【Video】

Really, did you think we were going to go to the trouble of making an adorable bear suit and not show it off at our local coffeehouse?

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Be the bear: We skin our eight-foot-tall teddy bear and climb inside【Pics & Video】

What do you do with a giant teddy bear you accidentally ordered off the internet? How about climbing inside it and wearing it as a bear suit? 

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Maru the cat enthrals us with his adorable animal costumes【Video】

Gearing up for Halloween, we’ve already seen our share of humans dressing up like cats, but how about some costuming felines? Of course, as we’re sure all you cat people out there already know, getting kitty dressed up in a ridiculous outfit is a lot easier said than done.

…Or is it? Turns out the owner of Maru, “the most famous cat on the internet” has devised an easy way to get even the most stubborn of felines to get into the Halloween spirit with these cute animal costumes.

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