Want to cosplay as your fave super-long-haired character but find that most wigs just don’t cut it? Check out these ankle-skimmers!

Cosplay goods store Assist Wig (which specializes in wigs, hence the name) has a huge array of dress-up goods for sale on their online shop. Among the merchandise we spotted were these floor-skimming wigs which come in a variety of colours for all your cosplay needs!


As you can see from the above image, each wig reaches a whopping 160 centimetres (five feet, two inches), and comes in the rainbow of colours you’ll see below!


▼ Silvery-blonde…wig3

▼ Raven black…wig4

▼ Pink…


▼ Crimson red…wig6

▼ Lilac purple…


▼ Light blue…


If you’re in need of extra hair for your cosplaying needs, then check out the Japanese online shop. Assist also has an international webstore, but it doesn’t look like they’re stocking the 160-centimetre wigs yet. They do have 75-centimetre wigs available on the international online shop though, and there’s a contact form in case you want to see if they’ll send you a special order of the 160-centimetre wigs.

If you do end up using one of these lengthy hair pieces, be sure to send us pictures!

Source and images: Assist-wig.com via Nijimen.net