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After dancing the night away, we just end up with a hangover, but apparently it helps Pikachu evolve to a higher state of combat prowess.

It’s been some nine months since a pack of Pikachus overran the city of Yokohama and spent a week dancing up a storm in the bayside city’s harbor district. Apparently, though, that brief groove-fest wasn’t enough to cure their case of dance fever.

Japanese Twitter user @Kztk__2 recently traveled to Taiwan. While there he checked off some of the common itinerary points, such as sampling the local cuisine and getting a relaxing massage, the latter of which had him feeling limber enough for a little clubbing. “I was having a good time dancing at this cool club,” he shared, “when suddenly…”


During the middle of one of the songs, a group of four Pikachus appeared on stage, bouncing and swaying to the beat while the video screen behind them played clips of Poké Balls and an animated Pikachu with his usual sweet smile replaced with terrifyingly jagged teeth.

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But that razor-sharp maw isn’t the only new offensive capability the famous Pocket Monsters seem to have picked up, as the dancing Pikachus also revealed that they can shoot lasers from their eyes!

▼ Whoa, what level do they learn this technique at?!?

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And if that wasn’t enough to strike fear in the hearts of any would-be Pokémon battle opponents, they also showed off their ability to target two different foes at once.

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Sharp-eyed viewers will notice that these Pikachu aren’t nearly as fluffy, or cute, as the ones seen on the streets of Yokohama. The obvious explanation is that the characters seen in @Kztk__2’s video aren’t officially licensed versions, but we can’t rule out the possibility that their less healthy coats of fur and vapid expressions are simply the inevitable results of spending night after night in Taipei’s hottest clubs instead of getting a solid eight hours of sleep. In either case, though, this dramatic demonstration of their newly realized powers should give Pikachu a late surge in the Pokémon General Election.

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Source: Hachima Kiko
Images: Twitter/@Kztk__2