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Female Pikachu takes center stage in promoting new line of makeup created with Japanese fashion brand.

It’s a busy time for the Pokémon franchise, what with the launch of Pokémon GO marking its first foray into mobile games. But that’s not the only sector Pikachu and pals are making their debut in, as there’s now a line of Pokémon cosmetics available in Japan.

Women’s fashion brand Its’Demo has had periodic tie-ups with Pokémon since 2014, and this summer it’s releasing an array of items starring a stylish female Pikachu rendered in a soft, crayon-like artwork style.

▼ Note the heart-shaped cleft in the tail, which only female Pikachus have.

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In addition to stationary, tote bags, and towels, Its’Demo will also be offering canisters of Pokémon facial powder (1,500 yen [US$14.50])…

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eye shadow palettes with 12 shades and a mirror attached to the inside cover (1,800 yen)…

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…and nail polish (450 yen), in 10 glittery colors.

▼ One of which is, of course, a Pikachu-level bright yellow.

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The summery lineup is available until August 15, making it just the thing if you’re putting on your face before stepping out to hunt for additions to your Pokémon GO stable or to attend this year’s Pikachu parade/Dripping Wet Splash Show in Yokohama. We’re not sure if the Pokémon cosmetics are water-proof, though, so if it’s the latter you’re going to, you might want to bring enough to touch up your makeup afterwards.

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Top image: PR Times (edited by RocketNews24)
Insert images: PR Times, Pokémon official website
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