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These days, the “sincerest form of flattery” is bound to land you in legal hot water.

Everyone has heard of the Chinese knock-off. It’s the product you get when you want something that looks like the real thing, but for a fraction of the cost. What happens, though, when what’s being copied is a whole company?

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American sports apparel company Under Armor found its logo the talk of Chinese social media sites last week when Chinese sports apparel company, Uncle Martian, officially launched and revealed its name and logo.

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It doesn’t take much effort to see that something looks a little similar here. While the new company, which is part of Fujian Tingfeilong Sporting Goods, maintains that there is nothing dishonest going on here, Chinese social media sites weren’t convinced. Not only does the new logo “pay homage” to Under Armor’s, there seems to be another whiff of familiarity to it.

▼ Fred Perry is a sports-influenced casual clothing line from the U.S.

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That is some next-level super plagiarism there! Or as Zheng Moaxin, head of the marketing division of Uncle Martian’s parent company, says, “We are focusing on developing our own brand, and our band has nothing to do with theirs [Under Armor] at all.” Sure…we’ll see what the courts have to say about that.

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Images: Cool Style