Furious uncle comes to gamer kids’ rescue.

The common logic is that kids are the ones who like toys, but the truth is we simply want different “toys” after we grow up. After all, adults don’t really need expensive brand-name bags, speedy sports cars, or fancy furniture. They’re just hings they enjoy having and using, and if that’s not the definition of a toy, then what is?

So there’s really nothing wrong, in and of itself, with the husband of Japanese Twitter user @sakura_bcnr33’s cousin wanting to get a new golf club. The problem, though, is how he reportedly financed the purchase: swiping his kids toy to pay for his own.

“Just got a message from my cousin. This morning, my niece and nephew woke up to find their [Nintendo] Switch was gone, and they both started crying. When my cousin asked her husband about it, he admitted ‘I didn’t have enough money to pay for the new golf club I wanted to buy, so I sold the Switch.’”

▼ Oddly enough, the Switch OS has a secret emulated version of Nintendo’s NES Golf hidden within it.

The alleged theft came at a particularly bad time, as the kids’ had invited their friends over to their home to play later that day, with a Switch session part of the planned activities. Not wanting their fun to be spoiled, @sakura_bcnr33 loaned them his own Switch, which is actually the second time he’s provided his niece and nephew with electronic entertainment, since the Switch the kids used to have was itself a present from Uncle @sakura_bcnr33.

What’s more, @sakura_bcnr33 claims that this isn’t his cousin’s husband’s first time to dabble in hardware theft, and that he previously stole @sakura_bcnr33’s personal PlayStation Vita, PSP Go, and PlayStation 4 Pro.

@sakura_bcnr33’s report had people who value video games, children’s happiness, and plain decency furious and leaving comments such as:

“Even if he’s their dad, that still counts as theft, right?”
“There’s something seriously wrong with that guy.”
“We should take his new golf club and sell it.”
“Your cousin should seriously think about divorcing hm…there’s something fundamentally wrong with his attitude about money.”
“Keep a record of everything he’s stolen and what the items cost, then make him pay all of it pack.”
“He’s cashed out any sense of respect his kids could ever have had for him.”

Since it’s still unsure whether or not the kids will get their Switch back, @sakura_bcnr33 is leaving his system with them until things get sorted out, and is prepared to simply give them his system outright and buy himself a replacement if need be. “My cousin’s husband is a serious piece of trash,” he fumed, though, showing that while he’s got a soft heart when it comes to his cousin’s kids, he’s not nearly as ready to extend that kindness to her husband.

Source: Twitter/@sakura_bcnr33 via Jin
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