Why just hand your loved ones money when you can send them on an adventure? The experience is priceless!

Aunts and uncles are great. Not only will they share embarrassing  stories about your parents, they have the same tendency to spoil you like your grandparents. For example, this playful Japanese uncle likes to spoil his niece whenever he’s around, but it’s much more exciting than simply handing her some cash; he sends her on a puzzle adventure!

▼ “My uncle always has a unique method of giving me pocket money.
Here’s the 2016 version

money 1

First, she received a plastic capsule with a note inside.

money 2

The note says, “Here’s a question for you. Here we go! The three famous types of beef in Japan are Kobe beef, Omi beef (Yonezawa beef) and _______? Look for the answer!

money 3

And so we are off to the cow races! After searching around the house, she walked into the kitchen and spotted something that could be the answer! The little package says Matsusaka meat with the text on the side reading “specially selected beef”. Could this be it?

money 4

Hooray! This little adventure earned her 3,000 yen (USD$30) as well as another sweet memory from her clever uncle. For those who are interested, here’s last year’s quest.

▼ This looks familiar.

money 5

▼ “Today’s mission from your uncle in Nagoya. Look for a small, urban legend-like man. Hint: Japanese-style room.”

money 6

▼ Who’s this guy hanging out by this urban legend looking stuff?

money 7

▼ “Take me with you!

money 8

As we all know, it’s dangerous to go alone, so she certainly took this little guy with her to the store! Kudos to both the uncle and niece for sharing their fabulous scavenger hunt with us. It just goes to show that with a bit of planning, all quests can lead to gold (or a paper equivalent)!

Source: Irorio
Images: Twitter/@hinakirikyan4