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These battleship girls could give New Horizon’s Ellen-sensei a run for her money!

Last month we saw the English textbook character Ellen-sensei become an overnight internet pinup idol. The excitement over the fictional English teacher became so great, in fact, that the publishing company behind the textbook, titled New Horizon, had to step in and reassert their control over her by banning any unauthorized fan-art.

But now it seems that the internet is willing to get its middle school English fix from another source. Japanese dojin artist @tomokity created a parody magazine called DAWN HORIZON, using everybody’s favorite “warship” KanColle girls in a familiar way.

▼ “Get your copy of my parody English textbook DAWN HORIZON on May 1.
There’s English, Japanese explanations, practice questions, KanColle vocabulary,
and more. You can study English with Iowa-sensei!”

▼ The cover of the “textbook.” I honestly have no idea why
schools don’t just use this one instead.

kancolle english 01

▼ Ah, a classic blunder. I remember when I accidentally
called my teacher a “nuclear submarine.” Easy mistake.

kancolle english 02

▼ If you can understand this conversation,
then you’re a better English speaker than I am.

kancolle english 03

▼ A parody on Ellen-sensei’s self-introduction
about being a Red Sox fan from Boston.

kancolle english 04

And for any of you wondering if @tomokity is violating the ban on New Horizon fan-art, they actually got permission from not only the publisher, but also from KanColle’s company as well. This dojin is so clean, you could buff a torpedo with it.

Here’s what Japanese netizens had to say about the project:

“Man, I would’ve studied a lot more if I had these in school.”
“That’s very nicely made! Looks really official.”
(In English) Sorry, I can’t speak English.”
“What’s a ‘beaver?'”

Hmm, looks like someone was a little distracted while reading the textbook, seeing as there’s a Japanese explanation for “beaver” right there on the page.

If you’d like your own copy of DAWN HORIZON, you can order the 22 pages of parody at Melonbooks for 540 yen (US$5). Meanwhile, if you’re looking for an offbeat way to learn some Japanese, we recommend “nekotan” if you’re into cats and “Don’t Worry, He is a Docile Pervert” if you’re into… other things.

Happy studying!

Source: @Twitter/@tomokity via Hachima Kiko
Featured/top image: Twitter/@tomokitty