New Horizon

Anime girl English teacher Ellen-sensei to star in written-in-Japanese light novel series

Ellen Baker expands her (New) horizons.

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Anime-style English textbook character who stole Japan’s heart now has her own calendar series

Ellen-sensei is back and ready to keep her fans company all year long.

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Ellen Baker, Japan’s anime-style English textbook teacher, gets turned into a huggy pillow

With or without permission from her creators, someone is ready to provide in-bed companionship for everyone who’s hot for teacher, as long as that teacher is Ellen-sensei.

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Learn English from cute anthropomorphic warships in KanColle parody textbook【Pics】

These battleship girls could give New Horizon’s Ellen-sensei a run for her money!

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Publishers of anime-style English textbook reassert their control over Ellen-sensei

Everyone in Japan has been talking about the character, and now her owners are too.

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The anime-style English teacher Japan has fallen in love with has a live-action version too

After going head-over-heels for the illustrated Ellen-sensei, fans are startled to see her being portrayed by an actual human being.

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English textbook characters get anime-style makeover to appeal to linguists and otaku alike

Learning aid looks like it could be a hit animated series.

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Dark Horizon textbooks go beyond “Hello my name is…” to “Who are you calling a bitch, bitch!”

Those who have taught English at a school in Japan would likely have encountered the New Horizon textbook series. Starting off with the basics of English, it takes students through a series of Rockwellian incidents such as “my grandma who goes to baseball games, but doesn’t know the rules.”

One man who has clearly gone through these idyllic situations one too many times is Brain Reyes. Taking New Horizon’s main characters ten years into their bleak futures, he has written a new version of the English textbook: Dark Horizon.

A piece which seems created to exorcise the memories of New Horizon for both student and teacher alike, it also provides uniquely useful phrases you’re not likely to find in any other textbook including “I love you like a fat kid loves cake” and “That’s not just any stack of boxes, that’s my house.”

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