Genius-level otaku figures out a way to take a bath with his favorite anime girls every day【Pics】

KanCole superfan upgrades his regular bathtub to an ita-bathtub.

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Otaku finds a cleverly pervy way to add breasts to clear file anime characters

”Clear files” aren’t really clear, which is what makes this optical alteration possible.

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Chinese cosplayer stuns Japanese netizens with breathtaking pictures of Azur Lane characters

Gives KanColle cosplayers a run for their money.

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New Chinese KanColle clone gains popularity in Japan, riles up some patriotic Twitter users

They’re claiming in-game transactions are being siphoned into funding China’s military.

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Y-shaped naked anime girl pillow cover features spreadable legs【Pics】

An unabashed recognition that buyers probably aren’t going to stop at just hugging.

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Cardigans may not match armor plating in protective capabilities, but they’re definitely the warmer, cuter option.

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Looks like KanColle is a big hit in one of Japan’s oldest navy towns.

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Learn English from cute anthropomorphic warships in KanColle parody textbook【Pics】

These battleship girls could give New Horizon’s Ellen-sensei a run for her money!

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Taiwanese president-elect’s resemblance to anime character reportedly affecting comic sales

Taiwanese otaku recently greeted Tsai Ing-wen with shouts of “Kirishima!”, which is causing problems for some dojinshi artists.

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Amazing Taiwanese cosplayer has Internet singing the praises of her anime musician outfits

Throw on your favorite soundtrack and check out the amazing craftsmanship of Ely.

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Amazing anime-themed flatbed truck is the biggest itasha we’ve ever seen 【Photos】

Many fans choose to wear T-shirts plastered with pictures of their favorite anime or video game characters, therein letting them broadcast their love for the fictional figures to everyone they pass by. Of course, if want to get that message of devotion to even more people, you can always turn your car into an itasha, a vehicle covered with anime stickers.

But even a coupe or sedan only gives you so much sheet metal to work with. That’s why one fan decided he needed an even bigger canvas, and created an itasha like we’ve never seen before: an ita-flatbed truck with some gigantic artwork of his 2-D muses.

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Stray kitten finds loving home, shortly thereafter takes over and becomes immersed in anime

When a stray kitten began following Japanese Twitter user @Kawasaki_Hina around like a little duckling, he decided to take her in and keep her for good. Within a short time, it became obvious the feline had made herself completely at home and had taken up a few of his ‘hooman’ hobbies to boot — including watching anime and playing the guitar.

Warning: Melt-in-your-seat adorable feline photos are coming up right after the jump!

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KanColle? More like ManColle as real Japanese men parody anime opening 【Video】

If the Internet isn’t about showing off your own original skills and talent, then it’s for parodying what’s already well-known and liked. The constant stream of anime and games from Japan is a gold mine of parodies just waiting to be made.

The Kusarine Project has had an active YouTube channel since 2009 where they’ve taken some of the world’s favorite anime and video game openings and turned them into live-action works of “art”. Their 17th and newest cover tackles the KanColle opening, with their signature masked men taking on the role of the anthropomorphized battleships turned school girls. Were you expecting anything else?

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KanColle anime character’s catchphrase “poi” is POIsed to take over the world! POI POI!

Remember that Swiss otaku with a penchant for Yuudachi Kai Ni, the upgraded version of a character from the Kantai Collection (KanColle) anime/video game franchise who’s been made famous by her ubiquitous catchphrase, “poi?” He decorated every square inch of a bathroom with pictures of the moe girl’s face making her signature poi pose, only to apparently be overcome with emotion a few snapshots later and proceed to rip them all down in a fit of poi-ful rage.

It turns out this man isn’t the only one riding the poi train, because this particular catchphrase is currently experiencing a wave of popularity outside of Japan, poi–much to the bafflement and amusement of Japanese folks. POOOI!!

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Swiss otaku is as crazy as he can be, and his Twitter followers can’t get enough

There are “impressive” people in every fandom, but Japanese anime, manga and game fans certainly know how to take things over the top. There are more volumes to read, more episodes to watch, and more merchandise to buy than for just about any other fandom out there. You never knew you wanted a mint case cover adorned with your favorite character until you saw it there in the store.

If you have the money to spend, Japan will have made something for you to buy. A self-proclaimed Swiss otaku seems to have some extra cash, and he often uses it to take his fandom beyond anything you could possibly imagine. His recent set of tweets are causing a ruckus on the Internet and most people can only muster one simple question: Why???

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KanColle crossplayer is the best-dressed at this half-marathon

If you’ve been to any recreational running events in your lifetime, you know that they’re a great place to show off your personal style, whether it’s tutus, turkey hats, crazy tights, or Santa outfits. For those who love KanColle, it can also be a good place to channel your inner Shimakaze.

This year’s Maizuru Kanko Half Marathon faced some bad weather, but it certainly didn’t deter one man from trying to set a personal best as his favorite destroyer. Known as Micchan, he frequently participates in running events and triathlons in cosplay.

Here are some photos and videos of Micchan as Shimakaze:

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Anime con aboard aircraft carrier attracts moe warships of all kinds, from the cute to the manly

This month Kantai Con, ‘the anime convention on an aircraft carrier’, was held aboard the USS Yorktown in South Carolina, and attracted some fabulous cosplayers dressed up as the hottest warships in town.

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