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Put a shirt on, you crazy kids!

In Japan, May 5 is a national holiday called Children’s Day. As such, someone at Japanese broadcaster TV Asahi thought that it was a perfect time to air a program highlighting the life of a married couple raising a set of adorable quadruplets.

However, TV Asahi also decided that it was a perfect time to censor some nudity. The promo for the May 5 episode of weekly talk show Ogon Densetsu promises to show walks, naps, diaper changes, feedings, and bath time, but you’ll notice that “nipples” isn’t on the list. But how do you keep your program nipple-free if you’ve got a whole segment about the challenges of giving baths to four babies?

Like this.

When it was time for the little ones to get clean, TV Asahi judged that showing them completely topless would be unforgivably dirty, and decided to preserve their modesty by adding some little chicks in post-production. This, of course, isn’t the first time the Japanese media has made some startling censorship moves, but even by that yardstick, digital pasties for infants are an unusual choice.

Some online commenters even feel like TV Asahi’s actions had the opposite of the intended effect. While obscuring the babies’ nipples likely avoided offending the sensibilities of only the most easily offended, everyone else had their attention drawn to those parts of the tykes’ anatomy by the cartoon covers.


But apparently 7 p.m., the time when Ogon Densetsu airs, is just too early for TV Asahi to feel comfortable showing such lascivious imagery in an unfiltered state.

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Source: Hachima Kiko
Top image: Twitter/@purimart