Latest discharge leaves only one free broadcast station in all of Japan still willing to show Interspecies Reviewers.

For an anime TV series all about paying for companionship, Interspecies Reviewers is running dangerously low on friends in the Japanese broadcasting world. Last Saturday, the series about a team of prostitution enthusiasts visiting and ranking monster girl brothels (at a rate of two establishments per episode) aired its sixth episode out of a planned 12, and just three days later Interspecies Reviewers has been dropped by yet another TV network.

▼ Preview for Interspecies Reviewers Episode 6, in which the titular reviewers sleep with golems and will ‘o wisps.

This time, it’s Kobe’s Sun TV that’s dishonorably discharging the show. On February 18, the official Interspecies Reviewers Twitter account posted:

“Regarding the suspension of Interspecies Reviewers’ broadcast on Sun TV:

Due to the circumstances of [Sun TV parent company] Sun Television Corporation, further broadcasts of the Interspecies Reviewers on Sun TV will be suspended.

– Interspecies Reviewers Production Committee”

If the phrasing sounds familiar, it’s because the new tweet is just about word-for-word exact to the one the production committee sent out after Tokyo MX, the Tokyo area’s most prolific late-night anime broadcaster, dropped Interspecies Reviewers, a decision that came on February 7, following Episode 4 (a.k.a. Episode All-You-Can-Hump Succubi and Eating Yakiniku Off a Naked Salamander Girl).

This means that there’s now only one free, broadcast TV station still carrying Interspecies Reviewers: Kyoto’s KBS Kyoto, which airs the anime at 2:10 a.m. Monday mornings (effectively as part of its Sunday late-night programming block). For those willing to shell out to see the Reviewers dive in, the series can also be seen on paid cable/satellite station BS11 and in its uncensored (or “♥ ♥ ♥Uncensored Version♥ ♥ ♥,” as it’s listed on the official Interspecies Reviewers website), on paid satellite anime channel AT-X.

Even fans of the series now seem to have developed a sort of gallows humor regarding its tenuous grip to broadcast life, and the Sun TV cancellation tweet announcement has been met with reactions such as:

“An honorable death for a hero.”
“Well, this is animated porn after all.”
“Its time on Sun TV has CUM and gone.”
“CUM on, Interspecies Reviewers!”
“I’ve got a hunch AT-X is going to be the only one who’ll carry the series all the way to the end.”

The way things have been going, it definitely is starting to feel like Interspecies Reviewers is living on borrowed time on KBS Kyoto. Likewise, while BS11 is a paid satellite service, the fact that it’s only carrying the censored version suggests there’s a limit to how provocative of content it wants to be showing, and it’s probably foolish to expect Interspecies Reviewers to make much effort towards self-restraint when the series is built entirely on the premise of finding the best way to satisfy your urges.

Interspecies Reviewers’ residence on AT-X seems comparatively more secure, though, since the network was apparently fine with the concept of showing uncensored monster girl sex from the very beginning, and the series also remains available on a handful of paid online streaming services. And of course, there’s the inevitable eventual Blu-ray release, for which the ad copy, “The anime too hot for TV!”, has already pretty much written itself.

Sources: Twitter/@isyuzoku via Hachima Kiko, Interspecies Reviewers official website
Images: YouTube/mediafactory
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