After you get done wiping your eyes, be sure to give your mother a call!

Recently, it seems like companies have started releasing nothing but incredibly emotional, tear-jerker commercials that hit us right in the feels. To be fair, the videos do have quite the impact, so it makes sense, but still…we can only cry so much in one day!

Now, apparently not wanting to feel left out, Proctor and Gamble Japan have released a new commercial for their aromatic fabric softener Lenor Happiness that will make you tear up and miss your mother something fierce — especially if you’re living overseas!

▼ Doubly so if you’re a ballerina!


The video features a Japanese teen studying ballet abroad — and having some trouble adjusting to her new situation. The girl’s mother, seeing how much her daughter is struggling, decides to send the ballerina something to lift her spirits. But rather than sending chocolate, which is the pick-me-up present we prefer to receive (in case anyone was wondering), the mother sends a hooded sweatshirt after washing it with Lenor Happiness.

Apparently, the mother is hoping to encourage her daughter through smell — and it’s not a bad idea! It’s often said that smell is particularly effective in terms of recollection, so we imagine one whiff of a familiar aroma would bring the daughter a flood of reassuring memories.

▼ It seems to work pretty well!

In the commercial, the daughter gains strength with each inhale from the sweatshirt, and we eventually see her fitting in and succeeding in her dancing. Interestingly, it turns out the ballerina is a real teenage ballerina named Yuzuru Miyashita! According to the press release accompanying the video, Miyashita and the crew filmed her scenes on location in Hungary — making it her first trip abroad. Though it looks like the director also surprised the youngster with a proud letter from her mother to elicit real tears, which honestly seems a bit sadistic…

Now, we’re not sure the commercial makes us want to use Lenor Happiness, but it definitely makes us miss our moms. So, if nothing else, it’s a pretty good advertisements for Mother’s Day!

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Featured image: YouTube/Lenor 公式YouTubeチャンネル