This cute superhero will stun you with his “kawaii-sense”.

Cats often get themselves into some pretty odd situations, which luckily for us humans, makes for some Grade-A LOLs. And that’s just what one feline did this past Golden Week, as he unknowingly turned himself into a certain superhero much to the surprise and amusement of his owner, who immediately captured the moment with his camera and uploaded it onto Twitter for the amusement of the world-wide web.

Any guesses who this little guy was rooting for during Captain America: Civil War?

▼ “I heard a loud bang, and then looked up and saw this. Practically scared the crap out of me!”


Japanese net users quickly rejoined with, “Look! It’s Spider-Nyan!” while others saw the comical similarity between the cat’s predicament and the “Wall Crash” segment of the 90s variety show called Tokyo Friend Park 2, where teams would compete in mini-games for cash, much like The Price is Right.

No doubt it would have been an easy feat for this kitty, no velcro suit necessary!

Source: Twitter/@BUMP_ER34 via Togech, YouTube/mimicatxxx
Top/feature image: Twitter/@BUMP_ER34