Mother’s Day

Ghibli now lets you give your mom a Totoro-style Mother’s Day present with the Corn Gift Set【Pics】

You can give gifts like Mei this May.

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Official Captain Tsubasa Twitter account wishes everyone a confusing Mother’s Day

This year let’s give thanks to our mothers for remembering the times we almost died.

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Ichikawa-Mama station gets linguistic makeover just in time for Mother’s Day

Besides the flowers, can you spot what makes this station name-change special?

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Mother’s Day challenge: Can you name every anime mom in this awesome group illustration?

Decades’ worth of anime moms assemble for amazing group shot that even features an Undertale shout-out.

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Dead mom walking – Does anime have a maternal mortality hairstyle trope?

Anime fans search for the earliest example of what some consider a harbinger hairdo, but how did it get started?

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Nestlé Japan releases new Rose Kit Kats for Mother’s Day 【Taste Test】

Come with us as we try these two new packs, which incorporate unique rose petal toppings in deliciously different ways.

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This Mother’s Day, give Mom some panties, Japanese lingerie maker suggests

When you were a kid, your mom bought your underwear for you, but are you comfortable returning the favor?

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Fabric softener commercial will bring tears to your eyes, ensure you call mom on Mother’s Day

After you get done wiping your eyes, be sure to give your mother a call!

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Worst Mother’s Day portrait ever?

We hope you and your mothers all had great Mother’s Days this year and excellent presents were exchanged. Of course, sometimes the best present isn’t something you bought at the store but a hand-made work of art demonstrating your love for your mother, though we doubt anyone is going to complain about a new PlayStation 4.

We’ve already seen some of the most awesome (and awkward) Mother’s Day illustrations you can find at 7-Eleven, but today we have something slightly more…horrifying. This portrait made the rounds on Twitter in Japan last week, inducing laughter and nightmares!

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The Mother’s Day portraits at 7-Eleven in Japan are amazing…and hilarious!

For many of us, Mother’s Day is just around the corner. We’re sure you’ve already got a present picked out, but just in case you forgot, here’s a friendly reminder: Get your mother something nice to say thank you for wiping your butt when you were a baby!

Of course, we’re not the only ones getting ready to celebrate Mother’s Day. 7-Eleven Japan is also making the most of the holiday with their annual Mother’s Day art exhibitions. While most of the drawings are done by young children, some of them are impressive illustrations by much older artists…and others are just down-right hilarious!

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Perfect Mother’s Day gift: My Neighbor Totoro-inspired “corn gift set”

Moms are awesome, there’s no denying it. Not only did they bring us into this world, for most of us, they made sure we were clothed and fed, bought us all sorts of unnecessary junk that we wanted just to make us happy, put up with all of our whining, cleaned up after us when we got sick, and lost countless amounts of money, hair, sleep, and probably even their sanity to make sure we led a happy life. That’s why there’s Mother’s Day (May 10 in Japan and the US), to celebrate all the great mums out there – be they birth mothers, adoptive mothers, or any other mother-figure in your life.

Hoping to find something a little different this year than the usual bouquet of flowers or fancy chocolates? We’ve found just the thing- a “toumorokoshi (corn)” gift set inspired by the Ghibli film My Neighbor Totoro. It’s too cute to pass up!

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Say it with flowers and a Ghibli character! Proof that Totoro can make even plant pots cute!

I’ve never really thought of plant pots as being particularly good gifts, and buying a flowerpot for Mother’s Day has never crossed my mind (sorry mum!) But if that planter was being pulled along by a steadfast Totoro, or came with a little Jiji the cat standing guard by the flowers, it’d probably be worth a second look.

These two new designs from Studio Ghibli merchandise store Donguri Kyouwakoku are miniature plant pots featuring adorable Totoro and Jiji figures, and they’ve just been announced for a Mother’s Day release!

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