anteater pool top

Never give up on your dreams… of taking other zoo animals’ lunch.

In the world of cute animal videos on the internet, the anteater doesn’t get a lot of screen-time. We’re all so busy with Shiba Inu and capybaras that we sometimes overlook this obscure yet adorable creature.

But that ends today. A video of an anteater named Don-kun from Tokyo’s Sunshine Aquarium has been making the rounds online recently, and it’s one of the most inspiringly hilarious videos we’ve ever seen.

Watch the full video here or scroll down for highlights.

▼ The story goes that Don-kun, the aquarium’s anteater,
always stole the birds’ food during feeding time.

anteater pool 01

▼ So the feeder decided to put the ducks’ food in a hard-to-reach place,
to put an end to Don-kun’s thieving ways.

anteater pool 02

▼ But far from being stopped,
Don-kun simply saw the new food placement as a challenge!

anteater pool 03

▼ “So… close….”

anteater pool 04

▼ Yes! Victory! Sweet, sweet… leaves?
For those wondering, captive anteaters have a different diet from wild ones.

anteater pool 05

▼ But it looks like Don-kun got a little greedy….

anteater pool 10

▼ “I regret nothing!”

anteater pool 07

▼ And right into the cold water of hubris…

anteater pool 08

▼ …followed by the wet walk of shame back home.

anteater pool 09

Despite Don-kun’s failure, and his somewhat selfish motives, you do have to admire his commitment to the cause. I think many of us, this writer included, would have given up after seeing the food so far away. But not Don-kun; he saw it through to the col, bitter, wet end.

It makes me wish I had something of my own to be so passionate about. Maybe I should devote my life to the mystifying art of Chinese knockoff toys?

Source: YouTube/muny rakko via NetLab
Images: YouTube/muny rakko