shiba inu cake top

Such sweet. Much zen. So love.

We’ve seen pets posing with human food before, but rarely do they get to indulge in the delicious treats themselves. So if you have a pet yourself, you may want to cover their eyes or else they might get jealous from what they’re about to see.

When Japanese Twitter user Hanano gave his pet Shiba Inu a slice of doggy-cake for their birthday, it turned into one of the most perfect embodiments of food-bliss we’ve ever seen.

Here’s the original tweet: (enlarged pictures below)

▼ “When I gave them some special doggy-cake
for their birthday, they really liked it.”


shiba inu cake 01

▼ “What… is… this feeling?”

shiba inu cake 02

▼ When the beat drops… on your taste buds.

shiba inu cake 03

▼ And going in for a final cute lick to get the crumbs.

shiba inu cake 04

That is one very satisfied Shiba. Here’s what Japanese netizens had to say about the birthday dog:

“That is just too cute.”
“He’s in a trance of pure ecstasy.”
“What a nice present to give. Good job, owner!”
“His face went from ‘WHOA!’ to ‘Whoa.'”
“Millions of years of canine teeth evolution, all leading up to… eating cake.”

Don’t have a pet of your own but want one? If a dog or bird sounds good to you, then we suggest checking out some highly fashionable wolf and eagle underwear. Although it should be noted, we highly recommend not trying to feed that one any cake.

Source: Twitter/@1004_0704 via Hamusoku
Images: Twitter/@1004_0704