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Eh, beats walking/swimming, right?

Generally, public transportation is more crowded on rainy days. You can’t take a day off from work or skip running important errands just because it’s raining cats and dogs, and hopping on the bus is an attractive alternative to walking to your destination and wading through puddles along the way.

But what happens when the puddle is inside the bus, and shockingly deep to boot?

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On May 10, heavy rains doused Guangzhou, the capital of China’s Guangdong Province. With the deluge far exceeding the city’s street drainage capacity, roads were severely flooded.

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But along with all the cars sailing the boulevard in the above picture, there’s also a public bus, showing that some drivers were still driving through the semi-submerged city. Dropping off and picking up passengers, though, requires opening the vehicle’s large, long doors, of course, and with the water level higher than the suspension, here’s what happened.

I’m not sure which is more impressive, the calm and collected manner in which the passengers extend their legs to keep their shoes dry, or the fact that not a single person gave in to the temptation to start a splash fight.

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Still, while the passengers were no doubt grateful to be out of the rain during their ride, once they got off at their stop the last leg of their journey meant getting not just their feet, but most of their lower body, drenched.

Source: Toychan
Top image: YouTube/Weibo Official Channel
Insert images: Southcn