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How many of these “actor-swapped” movies would you watch?

With the casting of Scarlett Johansson in the upcoming Ghost in the Shell movie causing a flurry of both negative and apathetic reactions, the issue of Hollywood whitewashing has been a trending topic of conversation. Some suggest there aren’t enough big-name Asian stars capable of carrying movies, while others think it’s something else.

Certain vocal protesters are wondering how people would feel if the reverse happened, and Asian actors were starring in hit movies instead of their big-time Caucasian stars. The hashtag #StarringJohnCho is causing a stir in order to draw attention to the recent “whitewashing”, and while it’s definitely starting a conversation, let’s be honest here, with a leading man like John Cho, a lot of people would probably want to watch these swapped versions.

Taking a look at all of these posters, the strange thing is, nothing really seems out of place. Casting an Asian American male lead in movies would definitely help move the conversation forward, but why stop there? How about Rinko Kikuchi, Steven Yuen, or Mindy Kaling in a starring role? Let’s see some more diversity!

Source: BBC News
Top image: #StarringJohnCho