One of the busiest stations in the world looking deserted during rush hour.

Tokyo Station is a sprawling mini city in itself, home to a variety of stores offering bento, fashion accessories, and even Japanese anime cosmetics. Souvenirs, pubs, restaurants, and a hotel, you can literally spend an entire day inside this historic station.

Japanese photographer @siestaonsunday managed to capture that magnificence in an ethereal picture on a rainy day. With patience, luck, and a little creativity, his one snapshot has garnered over 100,000 likes on Japanese Twitter.

“The city only shows you its expression on rainy days.”

The entrancing skyline was reflected in a mirror-like puddle of water at dusk, creating a gorgeous image worthy of the famous station.

What is perhaps more fascinating is that it was taken at 7:00 p.m. with 30 seconds of exposure, a feat in itself considering that it’s essentially rush hour at one of the busiest stations in the world.

Japanese Twitter users voiced their appreciation:

“Respect! I didn’t know (the station) could be this beautiful.”
“It’s almost like CG! What camera do you use? I want to take stunning pictures like you too.”
“Can I save this picture into my computer?”
“This is incredibly beautiful! I thought it was a picture of a foreign country for a moment there.”

The photographer seemed to have struck a chord with this user:

“I’ve finally found you! I’m one of those who love it when it rains in Tokyo. I get so happy just seeing Tokyo Tower and the city’s lights reflected in raindrops. I’ve always been looking for people on the same wavelength! Rain, drizzles, and showers are the best.”

And we agree! Rain and snow seem to change an otherwise drab landscape into magical scenery. Although for one undead train station, no amount of sunshine or rain could make it look more inviting for the living.

Source, featured image: Twitter/@siestaonsunday