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It seems Japanese companies can’t keep themselves out of trouble this week. First, an ANA commercial starring a Japanese man wearing a long nose and blonde wig had some groups offended, prompting the company to issue an official apology. Now, an advertisement from Kirin, one of the largest producers of alcohol in Japan, has parents crying foul over the use of a friendly green frog that could appeal to children.

First, let’s take a look at the commercial in question. It features a talking frog and actor, Takao Oosawa, as they drink a new type of Kirin canned chuhai, an alcoholic beverage made with shochu and tonic water:

The choice to use a frog to advertise alcohol may seem strange, but it’s actually a play on words using kaeru, the Japanese word for frog, and hikkuri kaeru, meaning “to be overturned,” you know, like what you do to a can when you drink. So the marketing campaign may just be an innocent mistake, not intentionally directed at children. The final scene of the commercial even includes a warning about underaged drinking.

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But when your commercial features a mascot that looks a little like kermit the frog’s older brother, you have to expect people to take notice.

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Source: My Game News Flash