Angry Burgers

Are you green with envy or just plain nausea?

Fast food fans in Japan have been treated to hamburgers boasting unusually coloured buns for a while, but McDonald’s munchers in China now have their own technicolor sandwiches to boast of.

Produced to coincide with the launch of the Angry Birds Movie (yes, there really is a movie based on the smartphone game), the “Naughty Green” pork burger and “Super Red” chicken burger are on sale now at participating restaurants, and feature buns coloured to resemble the swine villains and feathered heroes, respectively, of the app and animated adventure.

▼ As well as a wedge of egg, the green-bunned pork burger comes with a spicy jalapeño sauce


▼ The Super Red chicken burger with its “Angry Bird” red buns


Much is being made of the limited-edition burgers online, with some suggesting that their colour is rather off-putting, or even “disgusting”. In fairness, though, when you’re paying barely a couple of dollars for a sandwich whose main filling is processed meat made by a company whose mascot is a clown wearing stripy socks, you have to wonder why people are being quite so snippy over a little bit of food dye…

Have you had chance to try either of the Angry Birds burgers for yourself? Let us know what you thought in the comments section below.

Source: Mail Online h/t Byoukan Sunday
Images: Byoukan Sunday