Is tinned meat and chocolate cookies a hellish combination or a match made in heaven?

Whether you’re in Japan, where customers get to bite into adult cream pies, or in the U.K., where they’ll soon be releasing Katsu Chicken Curry McNuggets, McDonald’s has been fearlessly wading out into new territory to grab the attention of customers recently, and this month they truly outdid themselves with a new burger that got everyone talking. 

Only available for one day on 21 December, and only at roughly 3,700 McDonald’s locations in China, only 400,000 of these burgers were made. Yet they were so popular most of them sold out by lunchtime.

So what did they contain? Well, some would say it was a combination of ingredients that should never be paired together, while others might argue that it was a match made in heaven.

▼ The limited-edition burger contained two slices of Spam, with a topping of chocolate Oreo cookie pieces…and mayo.

According to a McDonald’s China rep, both Oreo cookies and luncheon meats are popular with young people in China, so it made sense to bring the two together to attract the interest of the younger crowd.

It certainly got the reaction they were aiming for, as people who tried the burger took to social microblogging site Weibo to comment on in. While some complained about the cookie pieces falling everywhere, and others said they couldn’t quite get their heads around the combination of flavours, the large majority of comments were full of support for the limited-edition offering, saying they were impressed with its sweet-and-salty flavour.

Priced at RMB13.14 (US$2.01), the burger certainly left a memorable taste in the mouths of those who tried it, and now that we’ve read about it, we’ve got a hankering for an Oreo Spam Burger too.

However, as one commenter pointed out, this is probably one of the easiest McDonald’s burgers to make at home — all you really need is Spam, Oreos, mayo, and burger buns — so we’re hoping our team here in Japan might be able to recreate the treat for us to try here in the office.

After all, they did use this recipe to make up a batch of Katsu Curry Chicken McNuggets ahead of the official U.K. release this week, and they turned out to be absolutely awesome!

Source: McDonald’s China via Hachima Kikou 
Top image: McDonald’s China
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