The tasty rice crackers known as Kaki no Tane (literally “persimmon seeds”) have long been a favorite Japanese snack, but would you be willing to trying them in this bold new flavor?

Yes, it seems the folks at Kameda Seika, manufactuers of the Kaki no Tane crackers, have been feeling a bit adventurous, as they recently announced that they will be releasing their popular snack in a churassco-style barbecue flavor.

Although there are some variations, the standard Kaki no Tane crackers are soy sauce flavored with a dash of chili to give it a spicy accent. The crackers, which are actually shaped like persimmon seeds (hence the name), also come mixed with peanuts, and anyone who’s had the snack will probably tell you that the combination of spicy crackers and peanut is surprisingly addictive — well, addictive enough that the crackers have been around for 50 years!

▼ The “persimmon seed” crackers with peanuts up-close:


And to commemorate the snack’s 50th anniversary, Kameda Seika have released a line of “Spicy Flavors of the World” Kaki no Tane crackers, the third and latest in the series is the churassco flavor set to come on sale for a limited time starting June 27.

According to Kameda Seika’s press release, they’ve added six different spices, including garlic and cumin, to the crackers to give them the flavor and aroma of juicy, barbecued meat.

▼ The churassco flavored crackers will be available in a package of six bags for about 280 yen (US$2.50) at supermarkets across Japan …

▼ … and also in a smaller one-bag size for about 100 yen  ($0.91), which will be sold at convenience stores.

▼ By the way, the first in the “Spicy Flavors of the World” series was the “sriracha” flavor, based on the hot chili sauce from Thailand, and currently still available at stores and markets in Japan.

▼ The second product in the series was the “spicy Indian curry” flavor, which, unfortunately, is no longer available.

If you find these crackers in Japan, they’re sure to go well with a cold glass of beer in the summer, and, for those of you visiting, they might make great souvenirs for family and friends who aren’t particularly keen on sweets. A little spice is always welcome in life, right?

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Photos: @Press press release, Wikipedia/ Kaki no Tane