The sakura season will never slip away from you again!

Sakura, or cherry blossoms, are one of the most iconic symbols of Japanese culture. But getting a glimpse of these beautiful buds can sometimes be difficult, as they’re usually only in full bloom for one or two weeks between March and April. That said, depending on the variety and where you’re located, sakura can bloom as early February or as late as May, which is one reason why every year many locals turn to cherry blossom forecast guides before planning their flower-viewing parties, or hanami.

But even if you’re aware of when the best viewing periods are and plan on being around town when the blossom are at their peak, that doesn’t mean that foul weather, work, or school activities won’t get in the way of you enjoying a rest under the cherry trees with a beer in hand and good friends by your side.

That’s why Joseph Tame, the man behind The Running Christmas Tree, is back to offer his services throughout the year with his latest project, Sakuraman, by using wearable technology to bring the beauty of Japan’s cherry blossoms to you and your friends whenever and wherever the hanami mood strikes.

No park? No problem! Sakuraman’s suit is compact and mobile, including two artificial grass cushions to sit down on and two retractable drinking glasses for drink beer, wine, or whatever beverage best gets you in the party mood.


Any place that’s accessible to you and your friends, Sakuraman can be there to help you get the party started. His set-up even fits inside restaurants and cafes like Starbucks.


Not only that, but with the Sakuraman tablet, you can invite your friends to join in from all over Japan or the rest the world.


So the next time you find yourself missing spring or feel like your party could use a little extra pop, why not call on Sakuraman to save the day?

Source: YouTube/Joseph Tame via Sakuraman
Feature/top image: YouTube/Joseph Tame
Insert images: Sakuraman