Foodies in Japan are about to get a well-barbecued piece of Singapore this coming summer.

Bakkwa is a sweet and savoury jerky-like snack made by first seasoning meat with a mix of spices, sugar and soy sauce, drying/smoking the seasoned meat on racks, then cutting the meat into thin square-shaped slices and barbecuing the slices over charcoal to give it a mouth-watering caramelized, smoky flavour.

The snack is enjoyed across many parts of Asia and is popular with locals and tourists alike. In Singapore, bakkwa is snacked on all year round, but the demand for it surges to insane levels during Chinese New Year where it becomes a must-have in just about every Chinese family’s home, and people queue for hours under the sweltering sun to purchase the meaty delicacy despite the inflated festive prices.

And now, one of Singapore’s top bakkwa brands, Bee Cheng Hiang, is slated to set up shop in Tokyo this summer!

▼ Never had bakkwa before? No plans to visit Singapore? You’ll soon be able to get these gloriously grilled slices of yum in Tokyo.

▼ Bee Cheng Hiang also offers mini sized vacuum-packed bakkwa, which are great for sharing and are popular as omiyage.

As a Singaporean living in Japan, I’m looking forward to having a slice in winter, because that’s one experience I’ll never get back in the tropical lands of Singapore!

Source/images: Facebook/Bee Cheng Hiang Japan