These utra-stylish dinky indoor plants have deodorising properties which will neutralise unsavoury smells in your home!

Competent adulting is hard, but one way to fool people into thinking you’ve got it all together is to add some stylish houseplants to your pad. They look cool, give off that “nature” vibe, and even add a bit of extra oxygen to the atmosphere. Of course, all this cool feng shui flies out the window if your place reeks of cooking smells, stinky sweat, or cigarettes (seriously, eww).

So, these new “eco-pochi” deodorising plants seem like the PERFECT purchase to prove your home is that of a fully-functional, stylish and decidedly unstinky grown-up person.

The product is available in three forms – as a ready-to-go, fully-formed plant and base, as a base with a juvenile plant which needs to be cultivated, or as just the bases to which you can add your own plant.

The plants are presented in a base of bamboo charcoal which has natural anti-odour properties. While many modern home deodorising products simply mask unpleasant smells with a stronger, chemical smell, the bamboo charcoal actually neutralises the unpleasant smell itself by absorbing particles present in the air. 

While the bamboo charcoal eventually dries out, it can quickly be revived for ongoing use by simply adding a few drops of water every now and then.

The kits vary in price, but a ready-to-go plant and base model is in the range of 5,000 yen (US$ 45), and they can be purchased either online or at various interior shops across Japan. If you’re living overseas, you can instead order via Rakuten Global Market to get it shipped (pretty much) anywhere in the world.

Source, Images: Tabi Labo