The new salty Fanta has been developed to help protect drinkers from summer heatstroke.

In Japan, nothing says summer like the taste of a plump red watermelon, and here the juicy fruit is often enjoyed with a sprinkling of salt. This tantalising flavour combination is now the highlight of Coca-Cola Japan’s next drink to be released as part of its Fanta line, with the new “Watermelon + Salt” variety coming to stores across the country on 4 July.

▼ The 490-millilitre (16.6-ounce) bottle is set to retail for 140 yen, while the larger 1.5-litre bottle will be on sale for 320 yen.


In a first for the popular brand, the drink combines the fruity, refreshing flavour of watermelon with 460 milligrams (0.02 ounces) of salt, in order to protect drinkers from heat stroke, which typically peaks in July and August every year. The consumption of water, salt and sugar are said to be the key components in treating heat stroke, as the body loses moisture and essential body salts through perspiration.


And because this is Japan, the new beverage can be purchased in an adorable package that fools the eye into thinking you’re taking home a box of watermelons.


And advertising draws on traditional Japanese imagery to announce the introduction of their heatstroke counter-measures.


If you’d like to taste the salty drink before the 4 July release date, the company will be holding a special Twitter campaign on the official Fanta website from 6 June, offering a free box containing two 490-millilitre bottles of the new drink to 1,000 lucky customers.

Source, Images: Coca Cola Japan