Potted mini sakura trees are perfect for everyone who missed cherry blossom season this year

Specially cultivated to bloom after they arrive at your home, these trees will provide sakura memories for years to come.

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Potted plant that grows tiny leaping dolphins is the latest botanical muse to enchant Japan

Adorable houseplant is a relative of the hot dog cactus.

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Japan falls in love with plant that grows cute rabbits pulling peace-sign poses

This is the succulent that everyone wants to own right now.

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Japanese Twitter users lament that they can only grow potted cats 【Pics】

These people might not have a green thumb, but their results are much cuter.

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Something’s not quite right with the neighbor’s plants… Mario’s enemies sprouting up in Japan

Stay back, ma’am. Let someone with a fire flower or invincibility star handle this.

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Catch Pokémon in the real world by checking out their real-life counterparts!

How well do you know your Pokémon? This clever photo guide shows you what your cute little Pokémon buddies really look like in real-life.

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“Eco-pochi” indoor plants will add style to your home and remove stinky smells, too!

These utra-stylish dinky indoor plants have deodorising properties which will neutralise unsavoury smells in your home!

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Japanese stationery now sprouts herbs in your garden with the Blooming Pencil

Once its life as a pencil is over, this innovative piece of stationery will colour your garden by blooming into a variety of edible plants.

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There’s a rather pedestrian explanation for these gravity-defying traffic cones

Imagine yourself out for a hike. You’re feeling pretty good about yourself; you’re about to crest the top of a pretty tough mountain, the cool spring air on your skin, the wind blowing through your hair, the traffic cones towering above your head.

Wait, back up… Traffic cones?

There’s been a spate of gravity-defying traffic cone sightings throughout Japan, if photos making the rounds on social media are to be believed. But, there may actually be a pretty reasonable explanation for them…

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Keep your flowers alive with this planter shaped like the forest god from Princess Mononoke

I don’t know about you, but I am not good with plants; I can never keep them alive. It’s okay though, because now I might stand a chance with pot planters designed to resemble the Shishi god from Studio Ghibli’s Princess Mononoke.

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Rare Turkish rose is the most heavy metal flower you’ll ever see

Until now, we never really understood what all the fuss was about roses. Women seem to love them, and men seem to spend inordinate amounts of money to purchase them for their sweethearts. But now that we’ve seen the pitch-black Turkish Halfeti Rose, we’re starting to understand that roses can be not only dangerous, kind of smelly and enchanting all at the same time, they can also be the perfect centerpiece of the most hardcore heavy metal album or low fantasy book cover of all time.

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Hanging Gardens of Singapore: the PARKROYAL on Pickering

We’ve all heard about the Seven Wonders of the Ancient world and I’m sure we all wish we could go back in time and see them at the height of their glory. For me, the Hanging Gardens of Babylon might have been the best, even if they probably didn’t actually exist.

Unfortunately, no one’s figured out how time travel works yet. Fortunately, though, PARKROYAL on Pickering seems like a pretty amazing substitute. (And, starting at US$180 a night, probably cheaper than time travel too.)

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