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The most relaxed bear in the world and his family make adorable goods.

Every good Japanese theme café takes advantage of their theme to sell ridiculous yet amazing looking food and special limited edition goods that are just too wonderful not to buy. Since all the merchandise is only available for a short period of time, customers snap them up before they’re all gone!

With this new series of goods being released under the guise of a Rilakkuma themed café, San-X is doing its best to sell everyone’s favorite relaxing bear in every way imaginable. In fact, this time around, their Twitter account just released a picture of Rilakkuma in the form of one of their all-time favorite foods: dango!

 ▼ Of course their favorite food is a sweet, Japanese dumplings!

This extremely cute plushy is the perfect amount of soft and squishy to make you feel as relaxed as Rilakkuma does every single day. The three-colored rice flour balls plus the bear’s ears add up to about 50 centimeters (19.7 inches) of awesome length. There are other great products that feature Rilakkuma, Korilakkuma (the white bear) and Kiiroitori (the chick) surrounded by products from their café including stationary, toys and decorated bags.

▼ Memo paper and mini-stationary

rilakkuma 2

▼ Notebooks, stickers, pencils and erasers

rilakkuma 3

▼ Pencil cases, tote bags, tissue box covers…

rilakkuma 4

▼ …key chains and stuffed animals, oh my!

rilakkuma 5

Everything in this lineup is simply adorable! Now, excuse us while we save our yen to buy this plush dango as soon as it becomes available in July, so we can have our own relaxing bear that just doesn’t want to leave our apartment.

But if you’re on the fence about Rilakkuma and friends, maybe this adorable animated commercial will help you make up your mind!

And if Rilakkuma’s fake cafe isn’t enticing for you, maybe Rascal’s real cafe is!

Reference: Twitter/@rilakkuma_gyr
Top image: Twitter/@rilakkuma_gyr
Inset images: San-x 

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