And you can decide which one’s the groom and which is the bride!


Your wedding day is certainly an important day — some might even say the most important day, though we’re not qualified to make that kind of judgement! Nevertheless, couples generally want to make the event as memorable as possible, which can be accomplished a number of ways. One would be having your easily excited uncle attempt to (drunkenly) breakdance to “Do the Funky Chicken,” though, on second though, that’s probably not something you actually want to encourage. Another thing you could do is crank the adorableness to 11 and have Rilakkuma and Korilakkuma in traditional Japanese wedding clothes greeting your guests at the door. If nothing else, at least you wouldn’t have to call an ambulance…

Therefore, we’d highly recommend checking out these new dolls from San-X featuring everyone’s favorite lazy bears in the hakama and white kimono of a Japanese couple on their wedding day. With these fluffy faces, we can’t imagine there’s anyone who won’t be squealing with delight — this is by far the cutest pairing we’ve seen all day! But there is one downside to these dolls: How do we decide which version we want?

Do you want Rilakkuma as the bride…


▼ …or the groom?


Honestly, it’s not an easy question is it? Both versions are absolutely adorable! For our money, we’re leaning towards Rilakkuma as the groom, but we have to admit Korilakkuma also looks perfect in the hakama. If you really can’t decide, we suppose you could always get both, though your wallet might not appreciate the gaping hole that would leave in it. One set costs 7,800 yen (about US$72.00) not including tax, which is more than we’d usually be willing to spend on dolls. But for Rilakkuma, we’d happily make an exception! You can buy either set at Rilakkuma stores across Japan starting April 11 or via the San-X Net Shop (Rilakkuma as the groom/Rilakkuma as the bride). Please note that the online store does not offer overseas shipping, so you’ll need to use a reshipping service if you don’t have a shipping address in Japan.

But if you’d rather have a different collectible at your wedding, you could always commision some creepy-but-awesome Machochu figures. We’d love to see a pair of these muscly cuties in hakama and white kimono!

References/images: San-X, Twitter/@rilakkuma_gyr
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