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So that’s who’s been making all those YouTube comments….

So it seems as though the cute, innocent front that Shiba Inu have been putting on for so long has all been an act. All this time, they’ve really been just as smart as humans, and now we have the video evidence to prove it.

Over at the aptly named YouTube channel Chiko – shiba inu, one pet shiba was caught in the act of doing what his humans do: watching internet videos.

▼ Chiko, caught red handed pawed.

▼ Apparently Chiko has a problem, watching videos late
into the night when he should be sleeping.

▼ But hey, who needs sleep when you can just lay in
bed all day in your pajamas and watch movies?

▼ And nothing’s better after a busy day of watching Netflix…
than watching more Netflix with a bowl of popcorn.

▼ …plus some watermelon for dessert. What a clean plate!

▼ Chiko, you are a dog. You should run and play fetch in the park,
not watch educational documentaries!

If you want to see more of Chiko’s computer-using adventures, then be sure to subscribe to his human’s YouTube channel. They only have a mere 86 subscribers at this point, so let’s help them get to a number that their high-quality shiba antics deserve!

Source: Chiko – shiba inu via Laughing Squid
Featured/top image: Chiko – shiba inu