Shiba Wall Top

Cute faces like these need a sign to protect them from the love of passers-by.

Shiba Inu dogs in Japan have been charming us for years with their cute curiosity and friendly, confident nature. We’ve seen them cosplaying, bathing, eating cake and even selling cigarettes, but what really gets us every time is the way they can’t help themselves when it comes to peering out of bushes and holes to say hello to passers-by on the street.

Twitter user @Vocal_YURI recently came across three pups enjoying a spot of people-watching from a wall on the side of a road in Nagasaki the other day, and as she got closer, she found they were quite happy in their unusual positions, enjoying the sights, smells and sounds of the world outside. The pup on the right, however, was doing a good job of squeezing the top part of its body into the square hole, eager to be a part of the activity on the street.

Shiba Wall 3

While the holes are usually designed for drainage and air flow for residential gardens, it appears that the inquisitive pups have been parking their snouts here for quite some time, with a sign placed above their heads just for them, featuring a couple of cute shiba inu anime-style characters. Proving that the dogs are too adorable for their own good, the sign reads, “We’ll get upset stomachs, so please don’t feed us”.

▼ Aww…no food for you!

Shiba Wall 2

Since posting the photos on Twitter, they’ve received almost 100,000 retweets and a massive 138,000 likes, with users leaving comments like:

“They’re too cute! I want to run my fingers through their fur!”
“Imagine if these three heads shared just one body behind the wall.”
“I love how one of them is excited and the other two are just calmly looking out at the street.”
“They must be members of a home security company.”
“If they ate too much they’d be too fat to look through the holes and then we wouldn’t be able to enjoy them!”

Unusual foods and changes to eating habits really can pose a problem for dogs’ digestive systems, so it’s good advice to limit the love to pats and adorable stares when coming across cute cared-for animals on the street. We’re glad the pups are being looked after so they don’t suffer any ill effects from their adorable shenanigans!

Source: Hamusoku
Top Image: Twitter/@Vocal_YURI