These canine siblings are showing their hilarious sense of humour in a number of adorable scenarios!

Whether they’re poking their heads into holes, playing with boxes or swinging on swings in the playground, Shiba Inu have an adorably playful nature that’s perfect for documenting on social media. One Japanese dog-lover is the owner of three cute Shiba Inu pups, which means there’s always three times the fun when they’re together, and on one of their latest excursions about town, they snapped this hilarious photo, which was recently picked up by Japanese media.

Simply titled “Stakeout”, the cute photo shows the trio stationed at different areas of the building like police officers, each with their head turned in a different direction, as if staking out the area. The dog at the back has his eye on the right corridor, the pup in the middle is giving his attention to the left, while the cute canine in the front is turned to the front, with his one eye focused on us, the viewer!

The Shiba Inu Stakeout has been getting a lot of attention online, with the photo receiving more than 20,000 likes and retweets, along with comments like:

“I’ve been laughing over this all morning!”
“They really know how to divide up the labour!”
“No criminal would be able to escape this fantastic stakeout!”
“These dogs are such great actors!”
“Yet another wonderful photo from these three!”

This hilarious picture is just the latest image to emerge from the fun-loving trio. Previously, they’ve been seen playing dress-up…

Pulling cute faces…

And photobombing each other!

Whatever they’re doing though, they’re happiest when they’re doing it together!

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Source: Net Lab
Top Image: Twitter/@mesomeso1009