So what did YOU do for your father?

In grade school I remember, in the week prior to Father’s Day, we would make some sort of cute, clever craft to give to our dads. As I grew older and more adept in the kitchen, there may have been a breakfast-in-bed or two, and then, with an income from part-time jobs, I was able to buy more elaborate gifts or treat my dad out to dinner.

I do love my dear ol’ dad, but I’m ashamed to admit that I never planned out an entire schedule of Father’s Day events, like this Japanese father was treated to this past Sunday. @hajime0912 tweeted a photo he took of a schedule his son wrote up for the morning to celebrate his pops.

▼ “My son’s enthusiasm for Father’s Day is scary. And what exactly is an alien picture story show?”

Father’s Day
・Opening greeting 10:00~10:05
・Shirt present 10:05~10:07
・Paper plane competition 10:07~10:27
・Alien picture story show 10:27~10:37
・Treat to sushi 10:37~10:47
・A word of appreciation 10:47~10:50
・Take pictures 10:50~10:51
・Final closing speech 10:51~10:55

@hajime0912’s son planned out nearly an hour of events, scheduled down to the minute, to show his appreciation. Not only would there be presents, there would also be a paper airplane competition, an alien picture story show (which Dad seems just as confused about as we are), pictures, and SUSHI!

▼ “Being treated to sushi at my son’s Father’s Day celebration party.”

It looks like he got quite the spread of delicious sushi (with extra fiber). His son even made a sign of “entrance fees” for the sushi restaurant: Giants pay 1,000 yen (US$9.60), while other humans just 100 yen ($0.96). Dogs, cats, and bugs can enter and enjoy some sushi too, it seems, for five yen, two yen, and seven yen, respectively! He also notes that stink bugs are not allowed.

All in all, it seems that @hajime0912 was very appreciated this Father’s Day. We hope that you all took the time to reach out and thank the dads and father-figures in your life too!

Source: Twitter/@hajime0912 (1, 2)
Top image: Twitter/@hajime0912