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Good news! Tokyo Monorail has announced this week that it will be providing free Wi-Fi on the Haneda Airport Line later this year.

Monorail may become the best mode of transport for tourists coming to Japan with foreigner-friendly free Wi-Fi soon to be available between the Haneda Airport International Terminal and Hamamatsucho Stations on the Haneda Airport Line from October 1. The easy-to-use Wi-Fi service will be provided in multiple languages including Japanese, English, Chinese, Korean, and Thai.

▼ Free and easy-to-use Tokyo Monorail Wi-Fi in multiple languages coming in October!

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You will be able to log in to the service through your email address or social media account, such as Facebook, Twitter, or Google. The Wi-Fi can be used for one hour per session, but you can log in as many times as you like. The service set identifier (SSID), in other words the name of the free wireless connection, will be “00_Monorail_Free_Wi-Fi”. The best bit – apart from it being free – is that you don’t have to download any application to use it.

The monorail takes 14 minutes to travel from Haneda Airport International Terminal to Hamamatsucho Station and runs every three to five minutes.

▼ The Haneda Airport Line monorail first opened ahead of the 1964 Summer Olympics.


Once you get to Hamamatsucho Station you can transfer onto the Yamanote Line, which is the circular loop line around central Toyko.

▼ See the Tokyo Monorail English Homepage for more information

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So, would the new monorail wi-fi service be the deciding factor in choosing your next mode of transport to the airport?

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