One of Japan’s most recognizable symbols is now a beautiful, elegant dessert.  

As Japan’s highest mountain, Mt. Fuji has been served as inspiration for all sorts of things, from delicately crafted tin glasses to Starbucks mugs and even a lucky cake.

This time, Japanese health and souvenir foods manufacturer Yamafuji have come up with a stunning jelly in the shape of the famous mountain. And from what we can see in the released photos, the jelly certainly seems to capture the cool, refreshing image of Mt. Fuji.

The Mt. Fuji jelly, or Fuji-san Jelly, as it’s called in Japanese, is not only beautiful to look at in its distinct blue color, it’s also an item that actually has strong ties to Mt. Fuji and Yamanashi Prefecture, one of the prefectures that the mountain is located in and also where the Yamafuji company is based.

Of course, the jelly has to taste good, and to that end, Yamafuji have used underground water from Mt. Fuji, a well-known source of quality water in Japan, to give the jelly a clear and refreshing aftertaste. And since they wanted the jelly to be a true “made in Yamanashi” product, they produce the jelly completely within Yamanashi Prefecture.

▼ The Mt. Fuji jelly is not just a pretty dessert; it actually offers a true taste of Mt. Fuji as it contains underground water from the mountain.


Yamafuji have commented that with the number of visitors to Mt. Fuji increasing yearly, they wanted to offer a new souvenir item that would be “affordable, easy to take home and visually appealing”, and we have to say, it looks like they’ve succeeded to quite an extent.

The Fuji-san Jelly is now available at the Michi-no-eki Fuji Yoshida roadside rest area and other souvenir shops in the Mt. Fuji area for 223 yen (US$2).

Unlike the delicate mizu shingen mochi water cake, another unique treat from Yamanashi Prefecture, the Mt. Fuji jelly fortunately won’t disappear in 30 minutes, so you can take home a taste of Mt. Fuji with you when you visit the most famous mountain in Japan!

Soure, images: Value Press
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