The only thing better than fried chicken is free fried chicken.

As a customer, free Wi-Fi in a restaurant is now one of those things that’s nice to have, but not absolutely necessary. Odds are if you’re walking around with some sort of Internet-connecting device, you’ve also got a service plan where you won’t rack up all that much in data charges over the course of a meal.

Again, though, free Wi-Fi is nice to have. And you know what’s also nice to have? Free fried chicken.

▼ For the record, it’s specifically free fried chicken that falls into the “nice but not absolutely necessary” category. Fried chicken itself, as we all know, is an absolute necessity.

And so when we heard of a doubly nice deal at one Tokyo branch of Japanese casual restaurant chain Yayoi-ken, in which using their free Wi-Fi earns you free fried chicken, we were there with lightning speed.

At first, we thought that we might have to download some sort of Yayoi-ken smartphone app in order to get our free bird, but that turned out to not be the case. Yes, the chain does have an app, and downloading it gets you a free mini side order of salmon or mackerel, but the free-Wi-Fi-into-free-fried chicken thing is a separate deal, and your free chicken can be claimed without installing the app.

▼ Not that we wouldn’t appreciate some free fish too, though.

Posted inside the restaurant are signs with the branch’s Wi-Fi network name and password (both “yayoiken”), so we whipped out our phone to sign-in.

Finalizing the sign-in does require you to register an age, gender, email address, and phone number, though no sort of real or screen name. Once you’re done, just show an employee that you’re signed in to the restaurant’s Wi-Fi network, and they’ll bring you two mouthwatering pieces of karaage, Japanese-stye fried chicken, completely free of charge.

The free fried chicken deal is being offered only at Yayoi-ken’s Asakusa Tawaramachi branch in downtown Tokyo, but unlike the chain-wide app-download/free fish arrangement, you can enjoy two pieces of fried chicken each and every time you eat at the branch, as long as you sign in to their Wi-Fi each time. The offer is going on between now September 17, so you know where to find us at lunchtime every day until then.

Restaurant information
Yayoi-ken (Asakusa Tawaramachi branch) / やよい軒 浅草田原町店
Address: Tokyo-to, Taito-ku, Kotobuki 4-7-7
Open 7 a.m.– 8 p.m.

Top image: SoraNews24
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