Free fried chicken for using free Wi-Fi?!? Tokyo restaurant offers irresistible karaage freebie

The only thing better than fried chicken is free fried chicken.

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Free Wi-Fi is coming to Mt. Fuji this summer

Service will be available on four different hiking routes to Japan’s tallest peak.

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Free Wi-Fi coming to McDonald’s Japan branches

McDonald’s Japan is famous for listing “free smiles” on its menu, and soon it’ll be offering free Internet access too.

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Junior high student leaves us laughing after mistaking traditional pattern for Wi-Fi symbol

Kids these days with their freaking Zunes and PalmPilots!

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Every now and then, Japan takes a shine to something that’s new to it but much more common overseas. Chairs, for example, were pretty much nonexistent in the country until the late 1800s, but now you’ll find them in just about every home except the most bare-bones of bachelor pads. Beer (one of the greatest beverages to enjoy while sitting on said chairs) is another foreign concept that’s gained mainstream popularity.

Likewise, although it’s taken some time to catch on, the number of places offering free Wi-Fi in Japan has been steadily increasing over the last few years, and is now available on the Tohoku Shinkansen and all of the stations on Tokyo’s most convenient train line.

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Connect to sushi-poo Wi-Fi using smartphone or tablet devices

Looking for a way to give those in your immediate area looking for Wi-Fi a delicious treat? No? Well, me neither. But I do enjoy some pointless yet fun tricks to do with devices like Apple’s iPhone or iPad. Take, for example, this incredibly easy way to make your device show up on others as pieces of sushi and poo – or more!

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When away on travel for either business or pleasure, there is no greater treasure than a free Wi-Fi hot spot. However, be warned that in recent years there’s been an increasing number of cases wherein these blessed havens are used to steal people’s personal information! People traveling abroad are said to be at an even greater risk for damage caused by suspicious Wi-Fi providers. Read More