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Downpour turns room into pond in less than two minutes.

So there’s been some debate over how legit the photos of recent flooding at Korea’s Yonsei University are. And yes, the following footage does seemingly disprove that anyone was calm enough to serenely meditate as water streamed through the ceiling of the school’s library in Seoul.

At the same time, the video, uploaded to YouTube by OhmynewsTV, shows how sudden, severe, and frightening the flooding was.

▼ If you hate things filmed portrait-style, you’ll be happy to know it switches to landscape at the 54-second mark.

The video opens as students in the library first become aware of water leaking through the gaps in the ceiling, particularly near the room’s corners and light fixtures. Quickly, the young learners begin to gather their study materials and personal belongings, and it’s a good thing they didn’t waste time, because the cascade rapidly intensifies.

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Most of the library’s occupants show remarkable calm as they head for the exits, as the video’s recorder lags behind to document the deluge. It’s a brave decision on his part, somewhat undercut as he shrieks and screams at the admittedly worrying display of how ill-equipped the building is to handle all the precipitation the storm overhead is throwing at it.

A minute and a half after he started recording, he’s the only one left in the shallow lake that’s formed, so he wisely grabs his bag and makes his way to dryer ground. Hopefully, he had a change of socks, or at least a towel, in that satchel.

Source, images: YouTube/OhmynewsTV