Someone really seems to think they’re too cool for Ghibli movies here!

New parents love documenting all of their baby‘s “firsts.” First words, first steps, first time throwing a tantrum in a public place…the list goes on and on, and every family will likely have their very own special traditions to look forward to as their children grow up.

Japanese Twitter user @manjidera recently captured a very special “first” for his own daughter, which has already amused approximately 37,000 appreciative internet fans:

“My 11-month-old’s watching her first-ever Ghibli film,
and she’s got a hell of an attitude about watching it.”

That captive expression! The nonchalant pose! Really, she could probably win in a contest against Joe Cool himself.

For Japanese children, watching Ghibli movies is as much a rite of passage as watching Disney movies is for children in the west. We can practically imagine the look of tenderness on @manjidera’s face as he pressed the play button for his child’s first Ghibli experience (an excellent choice with the perpetual classic My Neighbor Totoro, we might add), only to dissolve into a fit of laughter at her charming reaction.

Source/Featured image: Twitter/@manjidera