The forged steel accessories are taken from various parts of a blade created by a master swordsmith.

From katana coasters to samurai-style sheaths for umbrellas, and even an anime featuring anthropomorphised blades as hot male characters, there’s never a dull moment for sword enthusiasts in Japan. Now, there’s a unique line of jewellery that’s making news around the internet, thanks to the unusual material it’s created from: forged steel from a genuine Japanese sword blade.


The range of necklaces, called “Chirihagane” or “Steel Inlay”, were created by Studio Shikumi, a special union of artists and craftsmen, as part of the “Origami Project”, which aims to repurpose artisan materials into unique design objects. The blade used for the collection had tiny scratches and imperfections, meaning it would normally be discarded by the swordsmith. Thanks to the project, the forged steel can now live on as beautiful pendants.


Each of the items in the range is a unique piece, taken from specific areas of the blade, which gives each pendant a different shape and surface texture. Made using a specialised technique, the pendants come with rounded edges and surfaces, making them safe to wear.


▼ The Chirihagane No.8 retails for 86,400 yen (US$855.95).


▼ The Chirihagane No.4 is also priced at 86,400 yen.


▼ The larger Chirihagane No.17 retails for 97,200 yen.


Each piece is made from Tamahagane, a high-quality Japanese blade-making steel, and comes with either a 40-centimetre (16-inch) long or 45-centimetre (17.7-inch) long silver chain. To add to the beautiful handmade quality of the collection, the necklaces are presented in beautiful boxes made from paulownia wood.


The limited edition collection is currently available to purchase online until stocks run out.

Source: Japaaan
Images: Studio Shikumi_Origami (1, 2)