This beautiful comet jewellery captures all the heart and sentiment from the smash hit movie.

For all the comparisons made between Studio Ghibli’s anime films and Makoto Shinkai’s smash hit animated blockbuster “Kimi no Wa”, (known as “your name.” overseas), there’s one thing the latter has been sorely lacking in: cute merchandise! That looks set to change now, with the release of a beautiful new necklace, created by Japanese brand Artemis Kings, who specialises in anime-inspired silver accessories.


The gorgeous piece captures all the beauty of the magical comet from the film, which ties the lead characters Mitsuha and Taki together in their star-crossed adventure. As the comet splits in two in the movie, their fates and their mystical bond become heartbreakingly profound, making Japanese viewers tear up as the blue and pink fragments hurtle across the sky in a blaze of glorious colour across the screen.


The sought-after pendant contains cubic zirconias and is made with rhodium plated silver to give it a bright shine that doesn’t tarnish, much like the bond between the film’s two characters. The chain itself looks like a comet trail as it spreads out from the pendant to hang daintily around the neck.


▼ Jewellery manufacturer Artemis Kings has put a lot of detail into the new silver accessory, which has already become their number one bestseller.


The necklace retails for 9,720 yen (US$94.42) and can be purchased from online marketplace Rakuten for delivery within Japan. With so much heart and sentiment tied up in the film’s poignant celestial event, we can’t wait to see more glorious comet-themed jewellery pieces in the future!


Source: Nijimen
Top Image: Rakuten/Artemis Kings (edited by RocketNews24)
Insert Images: Rakuten/Artemis Kings