Keep the headache-ridden duck Pokémon close to your heart every day!

Jewelry company U-Treasure is known for making gorgeous otaku jewelry that lets people express their love of anime, video games, and popular characters in subtle and stylish ways. In fact, they’ve been busy making a whole Pokédex worth of Pokémon rings and necklaces over the last few years, featuring the likes of Pikachu, Eevee, and even Ditto. Now they’ve released new necklaces featuring one more Pokémon to add to your jewelry Pokédex, and it’s none other than Psyduck!

Fans of the headache-plagued Water-type Pokémon will love these new necklaces, which come in four different metal types: yellow-gold, pink-gold, platinum, and a limited-edition silver. Each comes with a 45-centimeter (17.7-inch) chain of the same color, from which Psyduck hangs as a pendant, sitting in his customary pose of holding his head. A two-millimeter (0.8-inch) quartz stone in the same yellow color that Psyduck is known for also rests between its head and the chain.

The gold varieties are both 18 karats, the silver is sterling silver, and the platinum is 95 percent-pure platinum in the pendant and 85 percent in the chain, so these are quality metals with beautiful finishes, but that means they also sell for a pretty hefty sum: 99,000 yen (US$945.88), 15,400 yen, and 110,000 yen respectively.

The silver version is only available for pre-order until March 9, while the other metals are available now for a seemingly unlimited time from the U-Treasure Concept Store in Ikebukuro, Tokyo, and the U-Treasure online shop, which ships worldwide. If you love Psyduck and have the money to spare, you won’t want to pass these lovely necklaces up.

And don’t forget…you can also buy a giant Psyduck plushie at the Pokémon Center, too. There’s plenty of merch for Psyduck fans to enjoy!

Source: PR Times, U-Treasure
Top image: U-Treasure

Insert images: PR Times
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