The characters of Bleach have some pretty enviable blades, but as cool as they are, fans just can’t go swinging them around a convention center. Now, thanks to a collaboration with knife and sword manufacturer Pacific Solution Marketing and Viz Media, fans can own replicas of their favorite characters’ swords, including the umbrella swords, in safe, convention center-friendly foam.

Slated for the third quarter of 2014, 27 unique items will be produced, including several swords, as well as a selection of crossguards.


Each sword is available as either all-foam, or foam blades with a real sword handle. The umbrella swords function as actual umbrellas as well, for all those times bad weather threatens to drown out your carefully-crafted cosplay.

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Each sword will come in a specially-designed collectible box that features the Bleach character, as well as a hangtag.

Ichigo and Rukia’s umbrellas will be available for sale to the public at New York Comic Con directly from Viz. The rest of the times are currently still in production, but are expected to hit retail shelves before the winter holidays.

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