Toddler loses beloved plushie in Tokyo, netizens launch frenzied search to reunite them again

If you happen to see a blue octopus by the name of Gar, please contact them immediately.

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Where’s Waldo? In Japan! Live the dream of being inside a Where’s Waldo book in real life

At Wally Run, you can finally become the striped-shirt-wearing hero we all adore.

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How anyone with a computer can help search for the missing Malaysian airplane

A U.S. satellite operator is enabling anyone with Internet access to help search for the Malaysia Airlines flight that disappeared in the South China Sea days ago.

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Searching for “neko”: 46 cute cat pictures and the Japanese search terms you need to find them!

Do you like cats? Okay, that’s a silly question. This is the Internet, and everybody likes cats on the Internet! There’s probably even an Internet law about it, though we have no idea what number it is (Number Meow, perhaps?). Well, how about learning Japanese? Oh, right, this is RocketNews24! Of course you like learning Japanese!

Well, how would you like to learn a little Japanese and see some great cat pictures at the same time??

That’s what we thought! Well, you’re in luck since we have compiled some Japanese search terms to use to find cute or hilarious cat pictures and over 40 samples of the brilliant photos, just a Japanese Google search away!

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