Where’s Waldo

Mr. Sato’s half-assed Halloween costume will get you full marks on the streets of Shibuya【Photos】

”Super-low-quality costume that makes you popular” will have everyone asking “Where’s sexy Waldo?”

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Where’s Wally? In Japan, you’ll find him on Heinz ketchup bottles!

With exclusive merchandise and ten cute designs to collect, it’s the tastiest place to find Wally in Japan this year!

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Japanese pet creates adorable “Where’s Waldo?” game by napping in pile of soft animals

Meet Tona, the little animal who’s charming the Internet by hiding inside its owner’s stuffed toy collection.

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Where’s Waldo? In Japan! Live the dream of being inside a Where’s Waldo book in real life

At Wally Run, you can finally become the striped-shirt-wearing hero we all adore.

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Where’s Wally? Out of the picture now because Japanese Twitter users want to find Pikachu instead

One of the best things to come barrelling out of the 80s alongside Donkey King and the Garbage Pail Kids was a man with glasses and a fondness for red and white shirts. Known as Wally (or Waldo in the US and Canada), the star of a successful book series mesmerised people around the world by simply hiding out in massive scenes involving hundreds of tiny characters.

This challenge of finding a needle in a haystack is the gift that just keeps on giving because now clever artists in Japan have been creating artworks concealing the whereabouts of our beloved Pikachu. The best thing about these is that once you’ve found the star of the show, you can then keep going until you’ve found all your favourites from the Pokémon series! It’s time to test out your hunting skills after the jump.

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