Park’s first-ever Pokémon DJ set to rock Osaka soon.

From zombified staff to Death Eaters from Harry Potter and even Resident Evil survival horror mazes, the annual Halloween events at Universal Studios Japan (USJ) are always a hit with fans. This year, however, some cuter figures are taking the stage, namely Pikachu and Gengar, and what makes it even more exciting is the fact that they’ll be appearing as DJs!

DJ Pikachu and DJ Gengar will be spinning their respective sets for the crowds, dressed in outfits you’ll only see at this USJ show. 2023 marks the first year that Pokémon will be playing a Halloween show at USJ, and full details of the events will be released in early September so you’ll have something to look forward to after another scorcher of a summer. For now, we can only suspect, based on the image above, that the event looks likely to take place on a stage large enough to draw huge crowds. We also suspect hits like the one below will be played.

▼ Who knew Pikachu could go so hard?

DJ Pikachu’s Lightning Remix features some classic Pokémon game tunes like the main theme, and the bright, neon-dominated visuals feature pixelated figures that will make you feel like you’re playing your Gameboy Color again. And of course, since it’s Pikachu, there are lots of lightning bolts and yellow hues! Seeing it live would be an exciting experience for lovers of Pokémon, and there are also hints on the USJ website that other Pokémon will be a part of the show as well.

Netizens in Japan have reacted with excitement and anticipation:

“I’ve got to go!”
“I love how Mimikyu is always around Pikachu.” 
“Wow…awesome! I love all of the Ghost Type Pokémon.” 
“They’re sooo cute. USJ really knows how to sell.”
“Mario, Pokémon…what’s next, USJ?”

Pokémon like Pikachu–along with other Nintendo characters like Mario–have been part of USJ shows since Spring 2023, when they debuted in the NO LIMIT! Parade. It seems like the Pokémon are here to stay, at least for now! Which Pokémon do you hope will appear in the show? We’re just as excited as you are to learn more details, and when we have them, we’ll let you know!

Image: Press release
Sources: Press release, USJ Official Site
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