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You can now stock your pantry with a supply of the chain’s famous honey maple sauce.

It’s a great time to be a KFC fan in Japan. Not only is the chain offering all-you-can-eat fried chicken every Wednesday this summer, it’s started selling bottles of one of its most popular sauces, so that you can have plenty at home to slather on whatever your heart desires.

KFC Japan serves its biscuits with a delicious honey maple sauce. Ordinarily, the only way to get your hands on the condiment is to order a batch of the buttery bread treats. For the last two New Year’s holidays, though, KFC has put a bottle of honey maple sauce in the lucky bags branches sell (discovering one was one of the highlights of our January 2015).

But now, you can walk into select KFC locations in Japan and simply buy a bottle of honey maple sauce on its own, priced at 500 yen (US$4.85) for 230 milliliters (7.8 ounces).

KFC recommends using it on pancakes and toast, although true fans will probably find dozens of other foods that the sweet sauce enhances. Currently, it’s available at roughly 500 of KFC’s 1,148 restaurants in Japan. Twitter user @baddy snapped the picture seen in the above tweet at the KFC in Tokyo’s Akabane, and says he’s also heard the sauce is available in the capital’s Ikebukuro neighborhood.

Unlike many tempting Japanese foodstuffs, there’s no preset limited time during which the honey maple sauce will be sold. KFC is even investigating the possibility of expanding its availability to more branches in the future if there’s enough demand, so if you’d like to see that shining vision of the future become a reality, make sure to pick up two bottles if and when you come across them.

Source: IT Media
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